Understanding What Voip Phone Service Is

The article Understanding What Voip Phone Service Is is republished from: Stuff Central

Understanding What Voip Phone Service Is

Voice over internet protocol is what voiP stands for and the ingenious technology allows you to use your internet connection to place and receive phone calls in and around the country as well as international calls. You can do away with traditional dial up phone services and save money as well. The technology is all the same from provider to provider, but the pricing and plans are significantly different. If you use a phone for your voiP service, you just dial the number and connect, if you use your computer, you simply punch in the number and wait for the person to answer.

The only thing you need to have in order to use the voiP phone service is cable or DSL because voiP needs to have a high-speed internet connection. Another thing most people do not know about this type of phone service verses the home landline is that you pay no taxes or other fees that local telephone services charge. The technology has allowed many businesses and individuals to lower their cost of phone service and make more calls then what they could before. You only need a few things to use a voiP server and have affordable phone service.

You will need an ATA box that connects your phone and computer to the modem, which connects you to the internet. If you are in a home situation, you can hook the main base of a cordless phone up to the ATA and the other extensions will work as well. You will want to hook your computer up so as to talk on the voiP phone sever and search the internet as well. With all the new technology, we see today, we might just wonder what is next. As far as that goes, the features and options are endless where voiP phone systems are concerned.


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